It's Okay That's Love Episode 1 Jang Jae-Yul and Ji Hae-Soo

It’s Okay, That’s Love Episode 1 Fashion

Ji Hae-Soo’s (Gong Hyo-Jin 공효진) Episode 1 Clothes

Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply Keme Cutoff Denim Shorts

Ji Hae-Soo’s Denim Shorts: Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply Keme Cutoff Denim Shorts

Get them from Macy’s or Ralph Lauren.

1st Rumor Boston Big Voyage 01 Croc Vintage Bag

Ji Hae-Soo’s Brown ‘Cash or Check’ Bag: 1st Rumor Boston Big Voyage 01 Croc Vintage Bag

Get it from 1st Rumor.

Push Button Doggies Playing Leopard Cotton Shirt

Ji Hae-Soo’s Green Leopard Print Shirt: Push Button Doggies Playing Leopard Cotton Shirt

Get it from Push Button.

Customellow Gentee Shawl Collar Jacket

Ji Hae-Soo’s Navy Jacket: Customellow Gentee Shawl Collar Jacket

Get it from JoyKolon.

Customellow Gentee Cotton Linen H-Line Pants

Ji Hae-Soo’s Navy Pants: Customellow Gentee Cotton Linen H-Line Pants

Get them from JoyKolon.

Mute Denise White Sneakers

Ji Hae-Soo’s White Sneakers: Mute Denise White Sneakers

Get them from ShoeDazzle.

Tom Ford Alix Small Leather Bag

Ji Hae-Soo’s White Bag: Tom Ford Alix Small Leather Bag

Get it from Neiman Marcus.



Jang Jae-Yul’s (Jo In-Sung 조인성) Episode 1 Clothes

T by Alexander Wang Classic Low Neck Tee

Jang Jae-Yul’s Gray T-Shirt: T by Alexander Wang Classic Low Neck Tee

Get it from East Dane, Revolve, or Forward by Elyse Walker.

Intermezzo Brador Sandals

Jang Jae-Yul’s Sandals: Intermezzo Brador Sandals

Get them from Interpark.

I’ve noticed this suit and sandals combo a few times recently. I’m not really a fan but maybe it will grow on me? Haha probably not.


Jang Jae-Yul’s suit is from Parkland.

Veja Esplar Canvas Shoes

Jang Jae-Yul’s White Sneakers: Veja Esplar Canvas Shoes

Get them from East Dane.



Jang Jae-Yul’s white shirt and black pants are from Parkland.